Thursday, February 7, 2008

Diana Holland, Miguel Otero get "lust" taps from Scene

In this year's "Lust List," the Nashville Scene profiles Puerto Rico-born Miguel Otero of NPT and Argentina native Diana Holland of Hispanic Link Consulting and Tango Nashville. The Lust List is an annual cover story featuring locals who attracted the attention and affection of Music City's alt-weekly paper. There are 15 lustworthy honorees in 2008.

From the profile of Holland:
Her physical charms are well-matched by a sharp intellect and an even sharper tongue, both of which are put to good use at Hispanic Link Consulting, the private business she founded. But Holland is probably best known as the founder of Tango Nashville...

From the profile of Otero:
Sign us up! We’ll answer phones, we’ll scrub floors—hell, we’ll watch Bill Moyers if it means spending some time with NPT volunteer coordinator Miguel Otero.

Read the full profiles here.

Lips photo by Dario Sarmadi. Licensed under Creative Commons.

Portrait photos copyright Nashville Scene. Reproduced with permission.

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