Wednesday, February 13, 2008

Lime: Midtown's upscale Latin cuisine

Last week's Nashville Scene included this review of Lime, an upscale "Latin fusion" restaurant at 1904 Broadway. Raving about the food, the Scene noted rumblings of poor service that have been repeated elsewhere:
After two consistently excellent meals in the newly opened Lime, we’re looking forward to the summer months, when the garage doors rise and the sleek cocktail crowd pours onto the patios. But it’s worth noting that while our experiences were flawless, we have heard several complaints of inattentive or indifferent waitstaff. With pricey entrĂ©es as high as $44 and cocktails clocking in as steep as $13, it’s not unreasonable to insist on flawless service. When the fair-weather crowds storm Lime’s high-visibility patios and tequila bars, it will become even more challenging to deliver a top-quality experience to diners. Then again, Hyndman, who presides over the dining room with the sangfroid of Terry Benedict in Ocean’s Eleven, knows that better than anyone.
The Tennessean reported here that "[t]he menu draws from a multitude of Latin cuisines, including Mexican, Spanish, Cuban and Colombian."

Inside Vandy gave it this favorable review, including props to the wait staff and the attractiveness of the clientele.

Photo by Paul Takamoto. Licensed under Creative Commons.


  1. I will have to disagree completly with this articule. Me and my friends went to the restaurant this past Friday and we had a horrible and disappointing experience. We are not hard to please but the food in this restaurant seem to be taken out of a trash can and put in a fancy plate. I cannot believe I wasted $23 on a paella that tasted nothing like a paella. The rice was horrible and soaked in a nasty mosture that we could not figure out what it was. Also, my friend order a "shrimp coctail", and in my opinion, a shrimp coctail should have more tha 2 tiny little shrimps, or would you disagree? It only had 2 shrimps in it and it cost about 9 or 10 dollars. I do not mind paying high prices for good quality food, but adding on to the horrible service, this experience was just the worst I have had in my time living in Nashville. I DO NOT recommend this place to anyone, and will like to make people aware of the incredibly high prices, for the incredible horrible food, along with the pathetic service!!!!!!

  2. I disagree... about what you are saying about this restaurant. First of all, there weren't many options of variaties from the menu. For a "ceviche" that is supposed to have shrimp and scallop I just found one thir of a small shrimp. The size of that entry was very very small. The green plantain was soft and that is not the way latin people eat those.
    The calamari frito were 15% calamair and the rest wast pepper and onions, very greasy, by the way.
    Then the service was the worst ever. I was very disappointed with the food and wanted to leave that place really soon. Me and my friends waited 20 minutes for our checks, then waited other 15 min for the lady to pick up our credit cards and more time to finish the payment. Service sucks, I am sorry about the expression but it does.
    I am from Colombia and I know about good and tasty food. For sure I will never go back to that restaurant adn will not tell anyone to go.


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