Monday, February 4, 2008

Nashville has 25% of all new-to-English students in Tennessee public schools

Same number as June 2006

English learners are 2.1% of public school students statewide

Language acquisition in Metro is twice as fast as in other districts

This article in the Tennessean reports that "a quarter of the entire state's non-English-speaking students are in Metro," which is the same number reported here by the Nashville City Paper in 2006. The latest figures reported on the Hispanic Nashville Notebook are that 2.1% of Tennesssee public school students are new to English. Hispanic students, not all of whom are immigrants or English-learners, make up 3.2% of the student body state-wide.

Middle Tennessee has had great success with its transitional English classes for students, with a graduation rate to mainstream classes that is double what is found in other school districts, according to this 2006 report in the Hispanic Nashville Notebook.

Photo by Judy Baxter. Licensed under Creative Commons.

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  1. That's great for Nashville. A once very racist community is slowly coming into its own, and it's great to see it happen. You'd enjoy this video, , Hispanics getting mixed in with society as a whole. It's about time!


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