Tuesday, July 29, 2008

Gabe Garcia advances to final episode of Nashville Star (anyone have extra tickets?)

Gabe Garcia made it into the top 3 of Nashville Star in last night's elimination episode. Next week's season finale will determine the winner.

A video featured Gabe returning to his hometown of Lytle, Texas, where a crowd including a mariachi band met him at the airport, an extravagant-for-Lytle parade culminated in the mayor awarding Gabe the key to the city, and a crowd of 10,000 came out for an evening concert.

All the judges had good things to say about Garcia. Judge John Rich pointed out how Garcia could be - or already is - something special for country music: a bridge to Hispanic fans.

No matter what the results are next week, Garcia will be on the Nashville Star tour this fall.

(Anyone wanting to send me tickets to next week's taping at Opryland can contact me here.)

Image: NBC

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