Tuesday, July 8, 2008

Gabe Garcia scoots to top half of Nashville Star

Last night's episode of Nashville Star Season 6 saw contestant Gabe Garcia survive another week, putting him among the top 6 of 12 finalists. By making it this far, Garcia has passed Melanie Torres' seventh-place finish in Season Four.

Jeff Sampson of BuddyTV.com said that Garcia's performance for the night lacked "stage charisma," but that the judges and audience loved him:
Gabe Garcia is safe and will be singing Keith Urban's “Somebody Like You.” He apparently took dance lessons so that he could loosen up more on stage. He sings well but still lacks stage charisma, in my opinion. The audience and judges loved him though.
Also, Gabe has created this new Facebook page for his fans.

Photo source: NashvilleStar.com

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