Thursday, July 24, 2008

Gabe Garcia in Top 4 of Nashville Star

Texans dominate remaining field

Country music's new Hispanic voice?

Gabe Garcia grabbed a Top 4 spot Monday night on Nashville Star, according to
The last automatic finalist of the night was Gabe Garcia, who is singing a song called “Lost Weekend.” The song is extremely nostalgic, sentimental, about a couple trying to relive their past, reignite the spark they used to have. It's either poignant or horribly shlock-y – I can't decide. It's got a funky little vibe, and the chorus is somewhat catchy. Sounds exactly like something you'd hear on country radio. The judges enjoy it, but Rich tells Gabe to really improve his connection with the audience.
The other three remaining finalists are Coffey Anderson (Bangs, TX), Melissa Lawson (Arlington, TX), and Shawn Mayer (May City, IA). Garcia is from Lytle, Texas.

For more stories about the buzz in the country music industry about the potential of Hispanic artists and fans, read the new country music page on

Image source: Nashville Star

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