Wednesday, July 30, 2008

Hispanic kids who fled Robertson County schools in January returned in time for federal tests

Border Guard Bear

Officials needed everyone to be prepared

89% of Hispanic students never left

The Tennessean reports here that most of the 90 Hispanic students (both U.S. and non-U.S. citizens) who fled Robertson County schools in the wake of January immigration raids are back and have taken federally mandated No Child Left Behind tests:
When at least 90 Hispanic students disappeared from Robertson County classrooms last winter, school administrators worried.

If the children, about 11 percent of the total Hispanic student body, didn't come back right away, they'd be too far behind to succeed on spring achievement tests. School leaders didn't know if they would turn up the day before the tests, unprepared but counting toward countywide performance anyway.

In the high-stakes world of the federal No Child Left Behind law, every group of students needs to pass.

The fears weren't realized. Most of the students, who left over fears of immigration raids, came back in time to get ready.
The improvement in scores over last year's performance was enough to earn the county "improving" status

The original story about the disappearance of the students, who represented about 11% of the overall Hispanic student body in the county, is here.

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