Friday, April 24, 2009

Comparison for the sake of balance

By Cesar Muedas
The entry of last Monday (4/20) includes factual information about an upcoming event organized by a local Hispanic Republican organization.  Some statements included there as descriptive vignettes, however, may call for a broader context before reaching conclusions or judgments.  How about, then, a quick comparison where the reader can contrast the local Hispanic Republican organization in question (TNRNHA = with its local Hispanic Democrat counterpart (MTNHD =

May 20 text: "TNRNHA's web site is primarily in English, but it is not in English only - see the bilingual I Am a Republican Because page. There is also a a link to the RNC's Spanish-language site."
Context for comparison: MTNHD's web site is in English only.

May 20 text: "The TNRNHA Issues/Advocacy page focuses exclusively on one issue: free trade. The web site does not contain the words "immigrant" or "immigration"."
Context for comparison: The MTNHD main navigation page provides 3 links: to calendar, voter registration and mailing list subscription. It exclusively highlights the election of Mr. Obama as President (with link to photographs) and does not contain the words "immigrant" or "immigration" either.

The readers of this blog, when gathering information about local Hispanic political organizations (i.e., TNRNHA vs. MTNHD), may consider the similarity with the instances of Hispanic chambers of commerce (TNHCC vis-a-vis NAHCC):  There are 2 of each; all 4 with virtues and weaknesses, and all 4 working tirelessly to recruit members and lead them towards the vision of success that each of their agendas may define.

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