Thursday, April 2, 2009

Experience forgiveness, become forgiveness: Women of Magdalene book review on Coyote Chronicles

Mack at Coyote Chronicles reviews Find Your Way Home, by the Women of Magdalene:
Midway through the book, there is a page that carries with it a single proclamation: I am from…

I think the words written on that one page affected me the most. I too, am “from” many things, some from long ago, some from this morning, that I am grateful to be from and not “in.” I may have the message wrong, but to me, the women in the book have decided that forgiveness is immediate, and that you must extend that forgiveness to yourself first. Experience forgiveness, become forgiveness. Experience love, become love.

I’d really like to see this book made available to those who find themselves incarcerated. I’d like to see it on High School Library shelves. I’d like to see it on tables, displayed at churches everywhere. I intend to have my children read it when they get a little older. I hope that by doing so, it will let the Women of Magdalene know how much their words meant to me.

I wrote about my visit to Thistle Farms here. It was interesting to do this a bit backwards. I didn’t read the book, become interested, then visit. I visited first, then read the book. Both experiences offered much. I hope that a few others will be moved to offer these women some exposure for their collective effort, perhaps some might even be moved to get involved in some other way. I am grateful that I had this opportunity, so, to everyone at Thistle Farms, Becca, Carolyn, volunteers and staff, and, of course, to the women themselves,

Thank you.
Read the whole review here.

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