Friday, October 16, 2009

Hispanic treasures in Scene's annual "Best of Nashville" issue

All three "Best New Restaurant" honorees have Hispanic roots

The Nashville Scene announced its 20th annual "Best of Nashville" award winners, and Hispanic Nashvillians and Hispanic food and music were among them.

The honorees include Mia Calderon's "Manik", a concert by Helado Negro, Christine Maddela's Twitter feed, Fiesta Mexicana, Local Taco, ChaChah, Cantina Laredo, Las Paletas, Cinco de Mayo, Mas Tacos, Lime, Rosepepper, Las Palmas, Las Maracas, La Hacienda, Baja Burrito, Blue Coast Burrito, Nuvo Burrito, and San Antonio Taco Co. ("SATCO"). Let me know if I missed any.

(Celebrate with a few grains of salt around the rim of your margarita, considering the fact that Adam Dread won "Best Attorney" and former Vice President Al Gore took second fiddle to local radio host Mary Mancini in the "Best Local Liberal" category. Although, to be fair to Mary, she might be more local and more liberal than the veep.)

From the staff awards:
Best Latin-Electro-Pop Album: Manik by Mia Calderon

Best House Concert: Helado Negro at Willy T's

Best Local Twitter Feed (TV): Christine Maddela, WKRN

Best Mexican Restaurant with a View: Fiesta Mexicana
From the readers' poll:
Best New Restaurant (Opened Since Oct. 2008): Local Taco, ChaChah, and Cantina Laredo

Best Dessert: Sunset Grill, Jackson's, and Las Paletas

Best Restaurant in Wilson County: Demos', Sunset, and Cinco de Mayo

Best Cheap Eats: Calypso Cafe, Baja Burrito, and SATCO

Best Mobile Vendor: Mas Tacos, I Dream of Weenie, and The Juice Wagon

Best Restaurant D├ęcor: Flyte, Lime, and Sambuca

Best Patio: Rumours, Jackson's, and Rosepepper

Best Bar That Makes You Feel Like You're Not in Nashville: The Patterson House, Lime, and Sambuca

Best Bar to People Watch: Lime, 3 Crow Bar, and Tribe

Best Mexican Restaurant: Las Palmas, Las Maracas, and La Hacienda

Best Margarita: Rosepepper, Cantina Laredo, Las Palmas

Best Burrito: Baja Burrito, Blue Coast Burrito, and Nuvo Burrito

Best Cheese Dip: SATCO, Las Palmas, and Rosepepper

Best Fish Taco: Baja Burrito, Mas Tacos, and Local Taco
All of this year's awards can be found here.

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