Thursday, October 22, 2009

Saturday at Cheekwood: 10th annual Dia de los Muertos family festival, also opening of "Dichos" exhibit on art of bus drivers' self-expression

From Cheekwood:

Cheekwood’s 10th Annual

Fall Festival
Saturday, October 24th 2009
11:00am – 5:00pm

Come celebrate with us at our 10th annual Fall Family Day, El Día de los Muertos. In recognition of this Latin American holiday, Cheekwood will bring the traditions of Mexico to Nashville. We’ll celebrate with traditional music and dance, vibrant art activities and authentic Mexican food. Learn about the culture of our Latin American neighbors as you explore the beautiful altar displays, shop in the bustling Mexican marketplace, and enjoy the fine cuisine from local bakeries and restaurants.

Dichos: Words to Live, Love, and Laugh by in Latin America
October 24 2009 - January 17 2010

Truck and bus drivers across Latin America delight in inscribing dichos—sayings or amusing expressions—on their vehicles. Hand painted in an endless variety of graphic styles and colors, dichos address subjects ranging from religion and love to puns and earthy humor. Unfortunately, with the emergence of corporate trucking and government push for standardized public transportation, this vibrant folk art may gradually disappear.

The 46 color photographs are accompanied by miniature dicho-laden vehicles, including one painted by well-known Latin American artist Arturo Sosa Perez, and full-size metal bumpers with text and graphics. The exhibition is organized thematically according to the content of the dichos. The four categories are Love; Faith and Devotion; Wit, Commentary, and Egotism; and Buses of Panama.

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