Monday, October 19, 2009

Parthenon hosted Spanish/English "Monday Night Football" Week 5 intro

In duet with Gloria Estefan, Hank Williams Jr. sings, "¿Estás listo para football?"

From a Habana Avenue press release:
As fall begins to drift south NFL fans are feverous for their football and so is Hank Williams, Jr. Williams is joined by Gloria Estefan to celebrate Hispanic Heritage Week in this 40th anniversary season of ESPN's "Monday Night Football" (MNF.) The broadcast special show open was supervised by Habana Avenue executive producer/creative director Steven J. Levy. Ms. Estefan joined Williams on Week 5 of the open, when the Miami Dolphins battled the New York Jets.

To commemorate the 40th anniversary of the show ESPN director Robert Toms decided to keep Williams close to home, using Nashville's full-scale replica of the Parthenon to give some historical gravitas to a raucous MNF party. With help from Fresh Paint Visual Effects and Design (now represented by Spots & Content @ Habana Avenue), the classical edifice was cast as the MNF Hall of Fame in which stone statues of football players come to life as Williams performs to cheering crowds. The open marked the 21st season Williams has been featured; he's won four Emmy Awards for his work on MNF.

Habana Avenue was charged with creative consultation, staging and lighting the extensive two-day shoot at the Parthenon, an art museum in Nashville's Centennial Park. Radio and Internet casting calls recruited some 250 extras for an interior Parthenon party scene and another 500 for an exterior party sequence. During this shoot Williams teamed with Gloria Estefan on a rousing bilingual, Miami-themed duet.

"Making of" videos

There are a few "making-of" videos highlighting the behind-the-scenes of the bilingual Parthenon video shoot: the official "making of" video embedded below, the Tennessean version, and the video of a local who was there.

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