Wednesday, July 7, 2010

Carolina Coulon brings theater, dance to Nashville churches

Carolina Coulon
Photo by Constanza Zurita
I first met Carolina Coulon at a Belmont United Methodist Church benefit concert for victims of the Nashville flood and victims of the Chile earthquake. Carolina was manning the Musico a Musico table, where she was explaining the theater work she does with that arts & worship group. Musico a Musico's Nashville Congress in coming up in August.

Carolina is a theater professor, director, actress, and missionary from Chile. Below is the first part of my interview with her: Are you in the United States exclusively for Musico a Musico?

Coulon: No. I visited the U.S. for the first time for Musico a Musico. but last year when I was in another Musico a Musico congress, the Pastor of the church Ministerios Casa del Banquete Olivier Leiva invited me to be here for six months working with Hispanic churches, to teach theater to various different churches. I visited Casa del Banquete here and in Atlanta, and I was also in a number of different churches in Nashville - Jesus el Buen Pastor, El Shaddai, Una Esperanza Viva, Christ Church-Latina, and Iglesia Metodista Unida West Nashville. What type of theater work are you doing?

Coulon: What I'm teaching is pretty basic so that a church can form its theater group - corporal expression, vocal expression, the technical differences between theater, drama, mime, and dance.  Generally, churches are somewhat casual in their theater, and little by little the churches are requiring something a little more professional, so I give them that technical vocabulary.

In June I was working with Instituto Allegro, which is affiliated with Musico a Musico, where I did one theater workshop and one dance workshop, every Monday from 7-9 p.m. and Saturdays from 9:30 a.m. to 1:30 p.m., at Christ Church.

The other thing I'm doing is working with women in Bible studies in Latin churches. How long will you be in the United States this time?

Coulon: I arrived on February 9, and I'll leave in August. Will your students in Nashville be displaying what they've learned in a public performance?

Coulon: The Instituto Allegro workshops in June ended with a show that was open to the public, and the next event that is open to the public will be the Musico a Musico Congress the first week of August.

The second part of this interview with Carolina Coulon will be published soon at  In the meantime, you can learn more about Coulon at her web page.

Photos of the Instituto Allegro final performance in June are below.  All photos are by Constanza Zurita.


  1. bendiciones--- Nos vemos pronto

  2. Hola caro me alegro de que este haciendo todas las cosas que te gustan y desarrollando los talentos que Dios te ha dado.Espero que un dia podamos trabjar juntas nuevamente...bendiciones

  3. We're so proud of you, Carolina!
    Craig and Shirley Woolsey


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