Wednesday, July 21, 2010

Cultural Symbols and Me

I enjoyed this post by Carrie Ferguson-Weir over at her blog Bilingual in the Boonies:
Mojito in a Bag!
Mojito in a Bag, $1.99!
I am not sure why I am surprised to find Spanish language goods in local stores. Maybe because when I was growing up, the Spanish seemed insulated to the Miami and North Jersey zips where I lived out a bilingual life.
I think it was two years ago that I got all sentimental in the Wal-Mart Hispanic foods section when I found the squeeze bottle of leche condensada. Maybe I am so shocked because this is Nashville, after all, and a thousand years ago when I landed here, none of the Spanish I see and hear around me was even remotely possible.
So, when I see something in Spanish that surprises me, I snap a picture. (It goes with that wholeretroacculturation post I wrote recently, I guess.)
That door mat up there with “Casa” on it was in a local Lowe’s hardware store. I did a double take and cared not that people saw me taking a picture of a door mat.
I was amazed yesterday by this sign. It was at the Mall of Green Hills, an upscale mall with a Tiffany, a Betsey Johnson, a Louis Vuitton, and other places where my credit card is not allowed. A sign in Spanish — advertising a federal emergency preparedness web site — is just not what one expects in 37205. (I was there looking for a dress for my high school reunion y nada! Everything I tried on said “Trying Too Hard” or “Cougar.” But, that’s another post…)
Cultural Connections
Best Buy Gift Cards in Spanish
Cultural Connections
Cultural Connections
Best Buy Spanish Thank You Gift Card.
I guess people can continue to get angry over “Press 2 for English” but by the looks of it, the gente who sell stuff are pretty damned happy that we know what “Oprima el Uno” means.
Have you noticed all the Spanish/Latino/Hispanic stuff multiplying?

This post by Nashville's own Carrie Ferguson-Weir was originally published over at Bilingual in the Boonies. It is reproduced here with the permission of the author.

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