Sunday, July 18, 2010

Talk about undocumented

This is the signature block of the alleged complaint filed by Rep. Mike Turner
The Nashville Business Journal and the Tennessean each link to what they say is a copy of the complaint that Rep. Mike Turner filed against a construction company for allegedly hiring people unauthorized to work.  The document that purports to be Turner's complaint, however has an empty signature block, which is pictured above.

This means either that
  1. the document the newspapers have is not the complaint that Turner filed, or
  2. Turner did not sign the complaint he filed.
I wouldn't blame Turner if he didn't sign it.  The instructions on the complaint form require details, and none are offered - just hearsay and prior newspaper articles about other jobs.  Furthermore, the Spanish-speaking workers whom Turner told the Tennessean he saw are left out of this document.

Is the State even required to process an unsigned complaint?

Read more about Turner's complaint from Aunt B., Sean Braisted, Mack, and T. Sharp.
Read my opinion about the law that made these complaints possible here.

Update: The State called off the investigation.  Turner's anonymous sources did not come forward, according to In Session. (H/T: TCP)

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