Friday, December 31, 2010

Looking back on those we have lost

Dalia Perez, left (in pink), with her family in 2009
The Scene has published its memorial issue for those whose lives Nashville lost during the past year, and on page 18 is the obituary of Dalia Perez that they asked me to write.

Looking back through the archives of this web site brings to mind other Hispanic Nashvillians we have lost over the last decade, including
  • Maria Oza Gonzales
  • Carlos Santos-Silva
  • Azucena Rios
  • Max Gomez
  • Tim Chavez
  • Rodolfo Padilla
  • Fermin Estrada
  • Aureliano Ceja, and
  • Greg Rodriguez
Their stories are tragic.  For instance, Max was only 5 years old, the first H1N1 casualty of Nashville. Find out more about each of the above individuals by clicking on the In Memoriam label at the bottom of this story, or on In Memoriam in the Index.

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