Tuesday, December 14, 2010

State law track record shows silence and anonymity are important to Tennesseans, even more than immigration

Music City Center construction
The State has called off its investigation of illegal employment at the Music City Center construction site.

This past July, State Rep. Mike Turner (D) filed what appeared to be an unsigned, unsubstantiated report requesting an investigation by the Department of Labor into the immigration status of the workers building our new city's convention center.  Turner referred to anonymous sources who ultimately remained silent, which prevented the State from acting on the report, according to In Session (H/T: TCP).

Only 28 times since Tennessee's 2007 Illegal Alien Employment Act went into effect has someone filed a complaint alleging immigration violations in a workplace, according to Tennessee Report, which also points out that 13 of the 28 complaints had to be dismissed because of allegations made by people who weren't willing to back them up.

That number now goes to 14.

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