Sunday, November 16, 2003

Hundreds line up at Glencliff to apply for Mexican IDs

More than 1,000 in line for only 650 cards

Critics attack the matricula consular documents, alleging they are easy to counterfeit. Washington Credit Union League notes that the security features are comparable to those of the Washington State drivers license, and the San Francisco Gate describes them as tamper proof but easy to obtain using false documents.

A recent General Accounting Office (GAO) study showed U.S. drivers licenses are no different from matriculas in this respect - U.S. drivers licenses are easy to obtain with fictitious birth certificates, utility bills, out-of-state licenses and other falsified documents. In other words, a U.S. drivers license is as vulnerable as a matricula.

"The Massachusetts Chiefs of Police Association endorses the use of the card: 'It helps my office identify people who have committed crimes and those who have not committed crimes,' said Chelsea Chief of Police Frank J. Garvin. 'We see nothing but a benefit.'"

"George Díaz, the deputy director for governmental affairs at the Arizona Attorney General's Office, said law enforcement agencies in Arizona overwhelmingly embrace the cards, which have made policing immigrant communities easier. 'They value the information it provides and they'd like to see it continue to be circulated,' Díaz said."

"More than 1,000 U.S. law enforcement agencies, including Phoenix police, and 409 city governments across the country, including Phoenix, have endorsed it as a valid form of ID. They are joined by 125 county and 32 state governments."

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