Thursday, November 27, 2003

Nashvillian showers love on McAllen, Texas children

"McAllen is home base for the Texas branch of the Christian Children's Fund, a worldwide relief organization that assists more than 4.6 million children and families in 31 countries. The CCF program in Texas covers 120 square miles of the Rio Grande Valley, a region whose rampant poverty is often described in third world terms. In this area alone, CCF has more than 4,000 children on its books. Some suffer from ailments or disabilities that require expensive treatment. Almost all belong to destitute immigrant families or working parents who simply cannot earn enough. In McAllen's CCF program, all of the children are Hispanic."

"'These are kids who don't get much,' Faulkner explains, running her fingertips over the latest photos in her album. 'I don't treat them any differently than I would my own kids.' But she insists that money is the least of what she has to give. 'People think they've got to buy all kinds of expensive things,' she says. 'But it's not the money, it's not the clothes. It's those cards and letters. That means more than anything.'"

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