Friday, November 21, 2003

Tennessean reader resents issuance of matriculas, drivers licenses to illegal immigrants; questions granting of citizenship of illegal immigrants

"I resent the use of taxpayers' property [Glencliff High School] and resources for such legally questionable [issuance of matriculas]."

"I also resent the government-imposed conflict of prohibiting hiring undocumented workers, yet providing no means to verify legitimacy — indeed — threatening punishment for discriminating on that basis!"

"Since the state has already unwisely decided to issue immigrants driver licenses without proof of identification, (while citizens are still required to prove their legitimacy) I am concerned that Nashville will even further become a magnet for a larger share of the census' estimated 8 million to 10 million undocumented immigrants and encourage new waves of immigrants to come here."

"With so many undocumented immigrants now present in our nation and the government sadly granting citizenship to their children born here, we are sowing the seeds of many future problems and a deeply socially and politically divided society."

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