Friday, January 23, 2004

Editorial: Hispanic Republicans demand immigration reform

"All the immigrants I have spoken to who need to apply have indicated that they will apply under the terms being proposed by the president. They and their families want to be law-abiding, tax-paying workers. Without this new immigration road map they could not apply."

"During his administration, Bush has appointed record numbers of Hispanics to key positions of leadership and committees. He has hosted Hispanics at the White House, even having a Cinco de Mayo celebration on the lawns of the White House. The president has been building links to the Hispanic community."

"However, the need for immigration reform was sidetracked by 9/11. Still, there was grumbling among Hispanic Republicans that they would not support the president if he ignored the key issue for Hispanic families: immigration reform."

"Those of us who are immigration advocates in Tennessee need to link up with elected officials at a city, county and state level. To enact the president's proposal will not be easy, but nothing worthwhile ever is."


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