Thursday, January 29, 2004

YWCA reaches Hispanic victims of domestic violence

"When Claudia Avila first started answering the Spanish-language crisis line at the YWCA, she got a couple of calls per month."

"Six months later, Avila gets at least two to three calls each week about domestic violence, and she guesses that's just a small fraction of the problem."

"Hispanic women in Nashville tend to stay away from such services. Why? Because they don't know about them, because cultural barriers mean not talking about domestic violence and because women who are here illegally are frightened that they'll be deported if they seek help, Avila said."

"The group meets each Wednesday evening at St. Luke's Community Center in west Nashville."

"For more information in English or Spanish, call the YWCA domestic violence crisis line at 615-242-1199 or 1-800-334-4628."

The Tennessean

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