Friday, January 9, 2004

United Way says Madison neighborhood is underserved

"The Madison area from Briley Parkway along Gallatin Road experienced a recent influx of Hispanic immigrants, which didn’t show up in the 2000 Census."

"Joosten said the Hispanic population in the Woodbine area is better off than the one in the Madison area because Madison does not have a Family Resource Center."

"United Way currently has 13 Family Resource Centers (FRCs), which are Woodbine, St. Luke’s, Northeast Nashville, Napier, McKissack, C.E. McGruder, Maplewood, Fall-Hamilton, Cora Howe, Cayce, Bordeaux, Bethlehem Centers, and Pearl Cohn. Family Resource Centers address the needs of the neighborhoods they serve through a partnership of health and social service providers, residents, schools, businesses and faith-based organizations."

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