Sunday, January 11, 2004

Williamson County Republican Party sponsors YMCA Hispanic Achievers

"The executive committee for the Williamson County Republican Party voted to be a sponsor for a program called Hispanic Achievers. Under the Franklin YMCA, it directs Hispanic children into college preparatory courses and professional careers."

"Hugh DuPree, chairman of the Williamson County GOP, explained the decision: 'This is yet another example of people coming together to help and recognize those who espouse the same beliefs that we do: God, strong family ties, a conservative agenda, a strong work ethic, etc. The YMCA is to be commended for their commitment to our Hispanic brethren in Williamson County. We are happy to be included in this fine work.'"

"This nation desperately needs more opportunities to meet the growing Hispanic presence in a positive arena — freed from outrage and division — and more aware of how much we can help each other as one America and one Williamson County."

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