Monday, January 26, 2004

Los Lonely Boys find national audience despite Nashville industry snub

"'Things weren’t going so well in Nashville, so we came back to Texas and started doing our thing here.'"

"It wasn't easy, because people would say 'you don't sound like a Mexican band' and we can do that too but we wanted to do something that was us, something new. That's what me and my brothers did, and now we're bringing it around to where we're recording it and people will be able to hear the way we do it in today's world. I think it's going to go over real well, even in the Hispanic community, because I don't hear anything like that other than Santana.'"

"The group's single 'Heaven' is a hit on Triple A radio (adult album alternative). It is one of many songs from their debut album that delivers the sound of blues, rock, country and various Tex-Mex sounds, sung in Spanish and English."

CBS News, Los Lonely Boys

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