Monday, June 5, 2006

Hispanic PAC: a first in Tennessee

Diverse group agrees on access to drivers licenses

According to this article in the Tennessean, Tennessee has a new Political Action Committee (PAC): the Tennessee Hispanic Voters Coalition.

"The coalition is probably the only Hispanic political action committee in Tennessee, according to Drew Rawlins, executive director of the state Registry of Election Finance."

"Its leaders plan to eventually take on political issues, but only those issues that at least three-quarters of the board, made up equally of liberals, conservatives and independents, agree on."

"For instance, 'we all agree there must be some kind of driver's license (available to Hispanics),' [President Fabian] Bedne said."

The group's plans include voter registration, which includes convincing legal residents to obtain citizenship so they can vote, recruiting candidates, and creating a survey of politicians' positions on issues that matter to Hispanic voters in Tennessee.

Focus: Justice

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