Sunday, June 18, 2006

Just missed: U.S. exports political mindlessness to Bolivia

The City Paper reported in this article that the film Our Brand Is Crisis passed through Nashville last week. It features James Carville's political strategy firm in Bolivia, where meaningless slogans wield extraordinary power.

"Whether you view yourself on the left, right or in the middle, there are aspects of Rachel Boynton’s penetrating and compelling new documentary Our Brand Is Crisis that should prove troubling."

"Boynton’s film, showing at the Belcourt through this week, reveals the growing international impact of tactics and techniques that have dramatically affected the electoral process. It seems negative attack ads, targeted appeals, deceptive slogans and focus group campaigning not only work on these shores, but also are now being exported to such nations as Bolivia, whose 2002 presidential campaign provides the source material for Boynton’s cinematic study."

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