Friday, June 23, 2006

WSJ editorial: weaponized immigration strategy divides Republicans; House left empty-handed (updated)

Unlike Senate and White House, House has no plan for millions who won't be deported

The Wall Street Journal published this editorial today about the status of immigration law reform:

"Most Congressional majorities campaign for re-election by touting their legislative achievements. Not this year. House Republicans have decided that the key to saving their majority is not to solve the immigration problem they've spent the last year building into a 'crisis.' Give them credit for novelty, if not for wisdom."

"House Republicans insist they can't vote for any bill that can be called an 'amnesty' for illegals, and that that's what the Senate and Mr. Bush want. But this is a box canyon of their own making. No serious person believes that the 11 million or so illegals already in America will be deported. Nor will these illegals come out of the shadows unless there is some kind of process that allows them to become legal and keep their jobs, even if it falls short of a path to citizenship. And immigrants will keep coming illegally in search of a better life unless there is some legal way they can apply for and find work."

The weaponization of the immigration debate and the continuing aftermath in Tennessee have been documented in the Hispanic Nashville Notebook:

  • Status quo emerges from Tennessee legislative session

  • Frist and Alexander votes diverge on Senate immigration bill

  • Exclusionists amplify anger; weaponized immigration prophecy fulfilled

  • "Shoot him" - Nashville radio cited in rise of violent rhetoric (updated)

  • Tennessee lawmakers wade through state-level immigration proposals

  • Anti-immigration sentiment ripe for political manipulation

  • Representative Jim Cooper calls for business leadership in immigrant debate

  • GOP weighs weaponized immigration issue in 2006 governor's race

  • Update June 24, 2006: This article in the New York Times similarly describes the House Republicans' strategy of inaction and heavily fortified opposition to the White House.

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