Monday, June 5, 2006

Multicultural packaging venture is born in Nashville

BusinessAccording to this press release, three Nashville businesses have formed a multicultural product packaging venture.

Marcela Gomez, president of Hispanic Marketing Group ( and Maitane Zuloaga Tidwell, president of Inclusive Communications (, have joined innovative Nashville-based manufacturer and marketer, Vietti Foods Company, Inc., ( to form Diversity Brands LLC ( Diversity Brands is uniquely positioned as a multicultural strategic marketer with majority Hispanic ownership and with packaged goods expertise in navigating U.S. consumer markets.

With established manufacturing and distribution resources and a strong presence at leading retailers such as Wal-Mart, Kroger and Dollar General Stores, Vietti Foods Company, Inc. makes available substantial benefits to Diversity Brands' clients seeking access to lucrative but complex U.S. markets.

Diversity Brands is currently developing branding and distribution strategies for the newly-formed U.S. division of Morelia, Mexico-based food manufacturer, Mi Viejita (, an established industrial supplier of dehydrated ingredients to companies such as Unilever, one of the worlds' largest packaged goods companies and marketer of Dove, Lipton and Slim-Fast brands. Costa Rican coffee grower and exporter Mena Specialty Trading has tapped Diversity Brands to analyze the growing demand for premium coffee products and to develop marketing strategies. Diversity Brands is currently working with a company in Mexico for the distribution of figurines of soccer players in the U.S.

"Early in our conversations about the Diversity Brands concept I recognized that Marcela and Maitane had strong professional and cultural connections along with the energy and integrity necessary to build a client base. They needed the packaged goods expertise and a distribution infrastructure such as is available through Vietti Foods to make it work," stated Philip Connelly, president of Vietti Foods Company, Inc. in Nashville.

"In our daily work in Hispanic and other minority communities we have seen a significant increase in their purchasing power, thus increasing demand for more products that appeal to their culture and heritage," said, Marcela Gomez, a native of Bogota, Colombia.

"As the U.S. market becomes more diverse, it creates the need for industry experts to lead the way in navigating the biggest consumer market in the world. Diversity Brands is positioned to help fledgling companies gain access," said native Mexican, Maitane Tidwell. "We believe the insight on the markets we have will help our clients' better reach adventurous and sophisticated consumers seeking authentic ethnic food experiences."

Vietti Foods Company, Inc. is a subsidiary of Choice Food Group, a privately-held investment company with focus on the food industry. Choice Food Group specializes in wholesale food service distribution of broad line products through Choice Food Distributors, Inc., and the manufacturing and marketing of food products through Vietti Foods Company, Inc.

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