Monday, March 22, 2010

Chilean author/director Alberto Fuguet speaks about "Missing" book tonight at Fido and movie "Velodrome" Wednesday at Sarratt

Cindy McCain and Alberto Fuguet

Fuguet will also film movie about Nashville

Cindy McCain, Nashville Latin Dancing Examiner, interviewed Chilean author/director Alberto Fuguet about his two public appearances this week: at Fido tonight, and at Sarratt on Wednesday.

From McCain's article at
This week Nashville can meet the author who banishes borders by shattering stereotypes, hear readings from his latest book, and see a screening of his movie, Velodrome. And one more thing…possibly appear in his new movie.

On March 22 Vanderbilt University's Center for Latin American Studies will host a public conversation and reception with Alberto Fuguet, at Fido in Hillsboro Village 1812 21st Ave. S. The event begins at 6 p.m. and is free and open to the public. Calling it “Translation in Progress,” Fuguet and his translator Ezra Fitz of Nashville will read from his newest book, Missing, in Spanish and English.
“Missing questions the idea that there’s a pot of gold here (in the US). While it might be true for some, my uncle would have been better off if he’d stayed in Chile."
Then on March 24 a screening of Fuguet’s movie, Velodrome, will be held at Sarratt Cinema, located on the first floor of the Sarratt Student Center at Vanderbilt University. The feature film is about a cycling competition in Chile and is made in the new style of garage cinema. Fuguet grinned as he called Wednesday’s event the “World Premier of a work in Progress.” Committed to making the movie on a small budget was challenging, but when his editor’s computer slid from the 4th floor to the 2nd in the recent earthquake, the subtitles were lost. Fuguet had to resynchronize them for the film which will premiere here Wednesday and officially open at the Argentina Film Festival later this year.

And then there’s the bilingual movie, Música Campesina to be filmed here in Nashville. Describing himself as a “Belcourt kind of filmmaker," Fuguet’s signature independence led to his making movies despite growing up in Pinochet’s Chile where film schools were nonexistent because of their “subversive” nature. Still loving a challenge, Fuguet bought into the vision of Edward “Ted” Fischer, Director of the Center for Latin American Studies at Vanderbilt University: to write, cast, and film a movie by Fuguet’s return to Chile on April 5th Left with just over a month for the ambitious task (his arrival in the US delayed a week by the earthquake), Fuguet has thrown himself into the project full force.
“I wanted to write a movie about Nashville. I don’t write about what I don’t know, so it will be a ‘fish out of water’ story about a Chilean who comes to Nashville.” The character, driven by an interest in country music, will meet Nashville residents from various ethnic backgrounds. Other than the lead, a Chilean actor named Pablo Cerda, the rest of the cast will be chosen from locals.
For the whole story, and more about casting in the movie about Nashville, read the original story at

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