Thursday, March 25, 2010

Mack talks to Tennesseans who would be affected by wine in grocery stores

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Mack of Coyote Chronicles has done the nearly unprecedented, something few bloggers ever do: research.

He was contacted by Red White and Food to join today's social media blitz about the move to put wine in grocery stores in Tennessee. (Supposedly they're giving $100 away to the best of what's posted. Bloggers, check the new FTC guidelines - is a blog post written for a contest disclosure-worthy?)

So Mack interviewed at least one consumer, distributor, and one wine store owner, who is also the President of the Wholesale Wine and Spirit Association of Tennessee.

Check out his post.

My thought is that as long as the state is willing to even entertain arbitrary safeguarding of certain retail markets from the competition of the big-box corporate sellers, the liquor stores should join with the anti-WalMart crowd and start their own campaign to take beer, tobacco, lottery tickets, racy magazines, and other adult-age items out of the big boxes, too.

Many of the same arguments apply, right? What other arguments are there? Let us know your thoughts in the comments.

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