Wednesday, March 3, 2010

Fundraiser for Chile March 13

My wife Dámariz and some of her fellow Chileans are putting together a March 13 fundraiser in Nashville for the earthquake response effort in Chile. Details will be coming soon. (My understanding is that they've lined up Vanderbilt as a venue and that they're partnering either with the Red Cross or United Way, both of which have a presence in Chile.)

Dámariz asked me to come up with a pin that could be worn in solidarity at the event; this is it. If you want to check out that design on other stuff, go to the store on Anyone can order from it, and there is no markup (no $ goes to me or to charity). To donate money ahead of the fundraiser, go to

If you want to help with the fundraiser, contact Dámariz at damarizlamb and then

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  1. Soy Ariell Genesoni dueno de la red de expatriados mas grande de chile y fundador de chile connection, este es mi sitio, soy de nashville y junto a mi organizacion que poseo en santiago de chile ayudamos a las victimas del terremoto, les dejo mi sitio si gustan contactarme...


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