Sunday, March 28, 2010

Former ProEnglish spokesman supports Tennessee's written drivers license exams being given in other languages

No longer recognized as
ProEnglish's local spokesman
When asked if the State of Tennessee should eliminate the various translations of its written drivers license exam, a local councilman who was also the spokesman of ProEnglish's failed 2009 campaign in Nashville now says that Tennessee's translations are fine just the way they are:
I think the same model should be used here; test questions could be in Japanese for example, road signs and symbols in English, and the road test conducted in English. This balanced approach ensures people from other countries can drive safely on our roads, because they have a working knowledge of English and, at the same time, offers them a way to get a license that is not so difficult that it discourages them from even trying.
The system described above is in fact Tennessee's status quo, something ProEnglish is trying to change with its 2010 agenda.

It appears that this Virginia-based group is no longer recognizing the councilman as its local spokesman, having switched to the musician Eddie V. Garcia.

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  1. This can't be! It's a week early for April Fool's... AMAZING!


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