Monday, April 26, 2004

Bredesen clarifies proposal for new "driving certificate"

"Citing homeland security risks posed by the state's driver's license law, Gov. Phil Bredesen yesterday announced he wants to change the law so that only U.S. citizens or permanent legal residents will get state driver's licenses."

"The legislature estimates that about 8,000 illegal immigrants per year get a license in the state."

"[T]he governor's proposal would allow undocumented immigrants who can prove their identity and residency in the state to get a driving certificate stamped 'Not valid for I.D.'"

"The certificate would ensure that drivers know the rules of the road and are able to get car insurance, governor's office officials said. The certificate would not serve as legal identification required to board airplanes, buy weapons or rent cars, the governor said in a news release."

The Tennessean

Tennessee Driving Certificate

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