Saturday, April 10, 2004

Defense Department schools are "models" of Hispanic scholastic achievement

"Defense Department schools inspire fierce devotion, and with good reason. Students consistently rank near the top on federal reading, writing and math tests."

"And 50 years after the legal end of school segregation, the Pentagon's schools are models of integration and minority academic achievement. Last year, black and Hispanic eighth-graders outperformed peers in reading in all 50 states."

"'This is the finest school system in the world,' says Claire Smrekar of Vanderbilt University, who co-wrote a report on minority academic performance at Defense schools. 'The consistency with which this school system delivers high performance and produces outstanding outcomes for these kids and their families is unprecedented.'"

"At Fort Campbell High School, minorities account for about half of enrollment, and nearly 75% go on to college. More than 25% take rigorous Advanced Placement classes. During a recent AP calculus class, nearly half the students speeding through square roots were black or Hispanic."

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