Thursday, April 15, 2004

South Nashville spike in apartment crime gets police's attention; efforts underway to increase communication between apartment managers, renters, and police

"[Apartment complex manager Lori] Finchum says many residents, especially Hispanic and the elderly, are afraid to get involved out of fear."

"South Nashville is home to Metro's largest Hispanic population. That means that there's a huge language and cultural barrier for the South precinct. Sometime this year you'll be seeing a new Metro Police initiative there, called 'El Protector'. Its goal is to build a rapport with South Nashville's Hispanic community to fight crime."

"Capt. Lankford said, 'We've been working in the South Nashville area for the last four years, really trying to develop a better working relationship between the police and Hispanic community, because the Hispanic community is rapidly growing.'"

"'We see a number of Hispanic victims in a lot of these crimes, but I think its just a general population problem,' said Capt. Lankford."

"Police say that criminals often take advantage of Hispanics living in apartment complexes rich with automobiles and people carring heavy amounts of cash."

"Metro Police Sgt. Juan Borges said, 'One of the biggest problems that we're finding - not only in apartment complexes but in the city as a whole, specifically in the Hispanic community - is that we're not communicating with them.'"


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