Thursday, April 22, 2004

Moore Elementary gears up for increased Hispanic student population after rezoning

"Moore Elementary's faculty met with the district's Spanish translator this week to learn more about the Hispanic community in general and some cultural differences of students who live in the Heritage Place subdivision rezoned to Moore next year."

''We were just making sure we understood their culture and the situations they had come from,'' said Principal Tricia Green. ''One thing Ginette (Gallauresi) told us that was interesting is that when she asked (Hispanic) families why they came to Franklin, the top three things they said were because they had relatives or knew people who lived here, they came for jobs and because the schools are nice here and are very accepting.''

"The Heritage Place subdivision was rezoned from Liberty to Moore in order to reduce the large number of Hispanic students at Liberty and make it more balanced at Moore. Green said in light of the increase numbers of Hispanic students she is expecting next year, she is trying to get a Spanish class set up for her faculty this summer and she expects to get an increase in her part-time English Language Learner position."

"She is also looking into trying to duplicate in some form the Spanish program at Liberty, which reinforces Spanish grammar for Spanish-speaking students and teaches Spanish to English-speaking students."

The Tennessean

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