Sunday, April 25, 2004

Nashville scores with international soccer

"It was the first professional soccer match played at the [Tennessee Titans'] National Football League stadium. An excitable crowd of 11,198 turned out to watch the Galaxy and the Tecos battle to a 1-1 tie."

"'In Denver, Colorado, Saturday night in a league game, Colorado versus the Galaxy, there were 13,000 people,' [Chip Hellmann, co-owner of Soccer World, which sponsored the Super Classico] said. 'In Nashville, Tennessee, we had a six-week publicity window and got 11,198.'"

"'That should tell people that absolutely there is a strong appetite for soccer in Nashville and we are thrilled.'"

"Andree Girone, a self-described soccer mom surrounded by young girls in red and black sports jackets, said the game is also popular in Brentwood, where her daughters play in a local club."

"'We probably have five teams just for the kids under 11,' she said. 'It's really exciting for them to see something like this come to Nashville.'"

The Tennessean Story 1, Story 2, Nashville City Paper

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