Monday, April 12, 2004

Hispanics least likely to get ticketed

Hispanic males age 46-60 were ticketed 78.85% of the time - the lowest percentage of all males - after being stopped for traffic violations by Metro Police in 1993. Hispanic women age 36-45 were ticketed in 83.45% of stops - the lowest percentage of all females.

"Women in almost every age and racial category were more likely to get tickets than their male counterparts. But Hispanic women ages 16-25 and 36-45 were less likely than Hispanic men [of the same age] to be ticketed."

"Hilario Navarro, 24, a Hispanic man, was on his way to see his father who was leaving for Mexico the next day when he was stopped for going 41 mph in a 30 mph zone. He also spoke to The Tennessean outside traffic court."

"Navarro said he was kind and respectful as he explained to the officer that he wasn't paying attention and didn't notice the speed limit had changed. It didn't help."

'The way I talked to him, I think he would have given a ticket to anybody,' Navarro said."

The Tennessean

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