Wednesday, April 14, 2004

Williamson County Court seeks full-time Spanish interpreter

"Circuit Court Clerk Debbie Barrett said the courthouse needs a full-time Spanish interpreter. She said the number of cases involving Spanish speakers has grown tremendously in recent years and continues to rise. She's asked county leaders to approve a full-time interpreter position to serve at the courthouse."

"'By law, we are required to give fair and equal access to non-English speakers who are involved in litigation,' Barrett said."

"Judge Lonnie Hoover said roughly 20% of all General Sessions cases involve Spanish-speaking people."

"More than 3,197 Hispanics live in Williamson County, according to Census 2000 numbers. That's a five-time increase from the 1990 census numbers, when about 500 Hispanics were counted."

"The Williamson County Health Department hired a full-time interpreter in 2001 after recognizing 15% of its clients were Hispanic."

The Tennessean

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