Thursday, May 6, 2004

Businesses push for Latin America shipping hub at Nashville airport

"The group, operating under the name Perishable Link, has ambitious plans to build a new air cargo hub in Nashville capable of directly importing seafood, fresh-cut flowers and other perishables from Latin America for distribution throughout the eastern United States."

"Imports make up a significant amount of the perishable products that Americans buy and consume each year. Roughly 76% of the seafood purchased in the United States, or some $10.1 billion in 2002, was imported, with a large portion coming from Latin America. Roughly two-thirds of the cut flowers sold here are imported, with countries such as Colombia and Ecuador two of the biggest exporters."

"If brought to fruition, the Perishable Link project would see 747 jets arriving from South and Central America to unload seafood and other perishable cargo into a yet-to-be-built 60,000-square- foot warehouse right off Nashville International Airport's air cargo runway."

The Tennessean

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