Friday, May 14, 2004

Williamson County Hispanic Achievers starts at Centennial High

"This week Hispanic students at Centennial were asked to join the Hispanic Achievers program set up by the Franklin Family YMCA and funded by a $5,000 donation from the Republican Party of Williamson County. The program, a duplicate of a program begun in Nashville two and a half years ago which now has 250 students enrolled, will give students the opportunity to take career-oriented classes at the Cool Springs Belmont University campus, be matched up with mentors and get extra help preparing for things like the ACT and SAT. And it all is free for students."

"Sandy Arteaga, director of the Williamson County Hispanic Achievers program, said students would be able to take classes in seven different career clusters covering everything from education to business, law and government. They also will be matched with community members who want to mentor them. The group will meet twice a month at the Belmont campus on Seaboard Lane in Cool Springs. It is open to students in grades 7-12 and will also include English classes for parents and literacy classes for younger siblings."

"Hispanic students account for 5.9% of Centennial's 1,600 students. That is the largest population of Hispanics in the county right now, said Principal Terry Shrader. But Shrader knows that number will grow because 85% of his students come from the Franklin Special School District, where 9.1% of the students are Hispanic and each year that number grows."

The Tennessean

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