Wednesday, May 26, 2004

A Day Without a Mexican apocalyptic satire shows immigrant-free California

"If you think it's tough living with all these immigrants from Mexico, imagine how much tougher it would be to live without them. "

"That's the simple but pointed message behind the new film, 'A Day Without a Mexican,' directed by Sergio Arau. This spicy commentary is based on a theory that immigrant advocates have advanced for years — that illegal immigrants from Mexico could bring the world's most powerful nation to its knees without lifting a finger."

"Or rather by not lifting a finger. That's the whole point — that Mexican immigrants could bring America to a standstill by not picking up a hoe, washing a dish, swinging a hammer or doing any of the multitude of tasks for which foreigners are now responsible on an average day."

The Seattle Times, A Day Without a Mexican Official Site

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