Saturday, May 8, 2004

Tim Chavez: Support for Hispanic Achievers unites Williamson County

"On May 10 at Centennial High School, the creation of a Hispanic Achievers chapter in Williamson County will be celebrated. It will be one of only seven in the country. Run by the Franklin YMCA, the program will direct local Hispanic students — starting in middle school — toward college and ultimately professional careers."

"[M]eetings started with the county GOP, which wanted to reach out to Hispanics as members and voters. There were a lot of stops and starts, and needed frank discussions on immigration and illegal immigrants."

"The great thing about the Hispanic Achievers' effort during the past 10 months is that different people in Williamson County have been able to learn how much they share: love of family, love of faith, love of tradition and love of labor that makes things better for our children. And these values transcend politics, skin color and annual incomes."

The Tennessean

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