Friday, May 21, 2004

Woodland Middle School: 2% Hispanic

"Woodland Middle School opened in the fall of 1994 and has grown steadily ever since. At one point, student enrollment exceeded 1,000 students, but a reconfiguration of attendance zones in Brentwood has enabled the school to shrink back to its current status."

"The new school still on the drawing board for Nolensville will impact Woodland's population but not for long. Fizer said the new school will mainly help Woodland deal with growth so that it can maintain the numbers it has without growing more. It is not likely that a new school in Nolensville will actually reduce the population for Woodland."

"In addition to the overall large population, Woodland is also home to one of the larger Asian populations in the county."

"Fizer said she tries to make sure students are given buddies in class and ESL classes help students who are struggling with language learning."

"Enrollment: 930"

"Hispanic: 2%"

The Tennessean

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