Tuesday, May 25, 2004

Metro audit recommends implementation of Vanderbilt-suggested immigrant measures

"[Mayor Bill] Purcell called for the audit after the Metro Department of Finance released the results of two-year study by the Vanderbilt Institute of Public Policy which found more could be done to help integrate the growing but often isolated immigrant community."

"The immigrant study recommended increasing translators, English classes, employment, housing and service providers to immigrants and refugees. It also recommended an effort to increase residents' understanding of the varying cultures, streamlining country-to-country credentialing and matching services to immigrants geographically."

"As well, the Social Services audit recommends implementing the recommendations made by the immigrant study."

"'We had sent some recommendations to the mayor right after the study,' [Department of Social Services interim director Dorothy] Berry said. 'Immigrants and refugees both need the same kind of services. They are both trying to adjust. They need jobs. They need support. And they need communication.'"

Nashville City Paper

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