Thursday, May 20, 2004

Nurses foundation assists Hispanic mothers and newborns, receives United Way grant

"Last week, at 4 months old, Kimberly went home for the first time to a purple room, where she lies in a white crib propped on pillows and connected to four machines that keep her alive."

"It falls to her mother, Lorraina Dominguez, to operate them. Dominguez, 22, speaks no English. Nurses at Vanderbilt University Medical Center used hand gestures to teach Dominguez life-saving techniques. A hospital nurse, who also relies on nonverbal ways to bridge the language barrier, will visit for the next month to make sure mother and baby are OK."

"Filling the gap between the English-language care and Dominguez going it alone with her daughter — her husband works two jobs — is Georgeanna Morse, a bilingual nurse with the Nurses for Newborns Foundation. Morse says she will visit the family for as long as they need her."

"The agency yesterday learned that it had received a $61,500 grant from the United Way of Metropolitan Nashville for the program that serves Kimberly. It is one of more than 80 agencies that got word they were in for a share of an $8.9 million infusion of grants this year. The grants go toward hard-to-fund overhead costs, such as rent and salaries, said Jim Hinton, chairman of the Community Investment Steering Committee for the United Way."

The Tennessean

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