Sunday, May 9, 2004

El Protector ramping up

"Metro Chief of Police Ronal Serpas is developing an 'El Protector' program to improve trust and relations between the South Nashville Hispanic community and the Metro Police Department. It is similar to the program Serpas created in the state of Washington to solve Hispanic-related traffic and other problems while he was chief of the Washington State Patrol."

"The program aims to reduce traffic related crime and heighten the Hispanic community’s awareness of Nashville’s traffic safety rules and other laws as well as inform the department of Hispanic issues."

"A new board will meet for the first time in May."

Nashville City Paper

City Paper hails El Protector program

"Historically, police officers are associated with immigration officers in the Hispanic community and real trusting communication is hard to come by. The El Protector program should go a long way to remedy that situation."

"We applaud Police Chief Ronal Serpas for introducing the El Protector program to Nashville."

Nashville City Paper

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