Saturday, May 29, 2004

Chicano bands hit Belcourt

"There was a giddy atmosphere at the Belcourt during last Saturday's 'Rock+Ska=Kultura' show, even though the hall was only one-fourth full. Bands like the headliners, Curanderos and Chencha Berrinches, two groups of Chicano post-punks from L.A., don't come around here very often; the small, predominantly Hispanic audience was hungry."

"After awkward but charming turns by local openers Off Duty Ninjas and Lost Generation, Curanderos kicked off their set with the catchy, U2-inspired title track of their 2003 album, Evolucion Show. By the time the balanced, tight quartet, who draw on Latin styles and British new wave, launched into 'Perro,' their Spanish cover of Beck's 'Freak,' most of the audience was in the mosh pit passing around a Mexican flag and a banner emblazoned with the iconic image of Cuban revolutionary Che Guevara."


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